Monday, 5 April 2010

Using Stock photo sites such as Flickr or photobucket

This is a great method to create one way backlinks to high page ranking sites and the higher the page rank the better the quality of the link. At the bottom of this post I will leave a link to a list of 25 free stock photo sites that you can create multiple backlinks from each one. The method is very simple, now lets say for example your web site was about the city of London called, what you would do is either find a photograph on the net somewhere or one you have taken your self of say Buckingham Palace then once you have uploaded the photo onto the site you can leave a title and description and this is where you leave the backlink, the title I would put- Buckingham palace at, and incorporate the in the description, its that simple. As soon as you have done this it can be repeated as many time as you want with all of the free stock photo sites you can find. The highest page rank I find comes from flickr and photobucket too. If you have any questions about this topic then just email me at


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