Saturday, 24 April 2010

Just had my 3rd site listed on google 3 days after it was submitted

And I only used a free search engine submitter, it's great and totally free, i will leave a link at the bottom of this post. i have herd so many people saying there site is stuck in the google sand box. this sounds very frustrating, but this is now the 3rd site I made and submitted using this free tool and they have been on Google within 3 days. the secret is use the steps I have set out in this blog and it will make your site google friendly, apply these steps THEN submit your site and it should be listed on google within days

Search Engine Submission, FREE

Thursday, 15 April 2010

List of very good sites to promote your site/blog

I found this list on the web when I was looking for ways to optimise my site, as normal I was sceptical to start off with but all these services have page rank of at least 5, so I thought may as well sign up. So far I have signed up for three of these sites and have doubled my ad sense revenue, it's crazy, it really works. To be honest so far it is the best list I have found compiled on the web for ad-sense purposes a 100% increase and the change was instant, I found Clipmarks particually good and a good source of traffic and adsense clicks. I will leave a link to the page below and full credit to the author.

Ad-sense promotion campaign list

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Using Social Bookmarking for creating Back Links

This is one of my favorite techniques and if you do what it says in the guide that I have posted a link to at the bottom it creates many back links. The guide that comes with this post is actually an e-book that did cost money but the guy who wrote it has now decided to give it away. It is a really good guide and explains the process very well. This can be very effective tool in your backlinking campaign.

Social Bookmarking Guide

Monday, 5 April 2010

Using Stock photo sites such as Flickr or photobucket

This is a great method to create one way backlinks to high page ranking sites and the higher the page rank the better the quality of the link. At the bottom of this post I will leave a link to a list of 25 free stock photo sites that you can create multiple backlinks from each one. The method is very simple, now lets say for example your web site was about the city of London called, what you would do is either find a photograph on the net somewhere or one you have taken your self of say Buckingham Palace then once you have uploaded the photo onto the site you can leave a title and description and this is where you leave the backlink, the title I would put- Buckingham palace at, and incorporate the in the description, its that simple. As soon as you have done this it can be repeated as many time as you want with all of the free stock photo sites you can find. The highest page rank I find comes from flickr and photobucket too. If you have any questions about this topic then just email me at


Saturday, 3 April 2010

Blog Commenting to make links

This is another really good way of creating good natural one way links. It can be very time consuming and tedious unless you have software to help you and I will leave the link for a really good tool called commenthut it is a great piece off kit. When I first started to apply this method of backlinking I was doing about 20 per day, I soon started to use other methods and now use this method once a day, on average commenting on around 3 blogs per day, you can even check the page rank of the blog you are commenting on with commenthut. Variety is the key when backlinking your site, I am going to list around 10 different methods and I try to use eight of them daily once per day, I have struck a balance the search engines seem to like and my standings are increasing daily.

Using comment hut is simple. The aim is to get the blog you are commenting on to link to your site by way of a backlink. When you sign up for your Free copy of commenthut sign up for the news letter and you will be given a 7 step lesson on using comment hut creating links to high page rank blogs related to your site that will increase your presence on the web and also your web traffic. the lessons come one per day spread over seven days and they are great lessons including creating a backlink to a blog and deep linking strategies and Paul Forcey explains it very well and clearly.



This is probably the easiest way to create a one-way backlink. Free directory submission is really good, there are a few rules you need to adhere to for your website/blog to be submitted, they are pretty much straight forward common sense kind of rules, in most cases you won't have to worry about the submission rules but worth a quick read, they will be pretty much the same for each directory. On some directory's you can "deep link" your site, which means you can list individual pages of your website, which does have it's advantages. Some of the directorys will ask you to confirm your listing in a email, normally about 1 in ecvery 3 you list. There are options in the directorys for you to buy a link in the directory but you are better off choosing the free option. Below I am leaving you a link to a big list of free directorys, about 1000 in all well in theory this should produce you 1000 good one way backlinks but you will probably end up with 900/950 which is ok. You can check your progress with the link popularity web tool avaiable to download at the bottom of the previous post. It will take you a while to do this but you can just get through them say 10 a day and it's worth it in the end. These are good one-way backlinks that you will have for ever. If you have and questions related to this post please ask away by leaving a comment and I will get straight back to you.

When you start to apply more than say three of these methods daily you will notice that it is quite time consuming. When I first started to build my site I had a brand new domain name and wanted to get as many backlinks as quick as possible. If you want to achive this then I suggest rather than manually submiting to the directorys yourself why not pay someone else to do it, it is quite cheap to get done costing no more than 0.14$ per submission. What I did was pay someone to submit my site to 500 directorys, after a day or so I really started to see my link popularity grow, spending this few dollars really gave my backlink campaign a real boost. You do not have to pay for the directory submission, you could just work your way down the list that I have provided a link for at the bottom, however paying a company to do the submissions for you will give you free time to apply different backlinking stratergies. Nearly all SEO companys provide a directory submission service, you will find links to some good SEO companys on this blog in the form of adverts.

List off FREE directorys

Friday, 2 April 2010

Starting off

When I first started off I had a few problems to start off with but I eventually ended up paying $39 for a service that would list my site with over 300 search engines, so I thought it was really good and even though I had heard of so many cases where people had their site stuck in something called the Google "sandbox" where your site can sometimes end up in for months befroe it will get listed by google, I'm not too sure about other websites but google is the main one, but I was very pleades to find out that a week after submitting my site I was listed in the google search engine, I was quite pleased about this, especially after hearing so many bad stories about people having to wait six months stuck in the Google Sandbox. I thought that maybe because I paid for the submission service was the reason that I did not get stuck in the dreaded Google Sandbox, but a couple of weeks ago I submitted my other website to a free engine submission service and found again about a week later my site was listed on Google and this site I did not really do much work on, so again i'm pleased to be able to get one site after another to get nearly instantly submitted to the google search engine and the second time for free. I can't remember the names of the companys but I will find them out if you want to know leave a message on this blog. Any way before you try any of the tecniques I will explain then you will want a tool so you can keep track of the number of growing links too your site. It is a really good bit of freeware. You just download it a shortcut icon will show on your desktop, just click on it click add url put in your site name then just watch it count all the links incoming to your site the link follows

link popularity tool

Just go to the page click on down load, its simple. it is a really accurate tool and a really good indicator to how much web presents your site has. Get this tool down loaded check to see how many incoming links you have at the moment then apply these steps below and watch your popularity grow with organic natural search engine friendly links.

Starting off

Seo for beginners

Hi guys, firstly I will explain what this blog is about, it is a real beginners guide for people who have just started to build a website/or thinking about it, I will go through the whole process of getting your site listed on the major search engines such as google and yahoo to creating one way backlinks from directory submission to replying to blogs and social bookmarking with software that will help you achieve these things and no matter what people might tell you can all be done for free and it is quite easy with the right advice.

Now a bit about me, I was in your position a few months ago but after hours and hours of research have got my site to a good position without spending any money, my site comes up on the first page of a google search on a many of its keywords which is what you want, say your site is about golf and some one types "how to improve my golf swing" in the google search and your site comes up on the first or second page of the search results. My site was around 25 million on the alexa ranking six weeks ago and since I have applied the tecniques that I am going to talk about and explain in this blog I am now ranked just over 4 million and getting higher every day. You will have seen plenty of these companys that offer 1000 backlinks for $10, the thing about these sort of links is they are known as "blackhat" which is what search engines don't like, the search engines much prefer "whitehat" or organic links, links that have been created "naturally", if google find out you are using "blackhat" tecniques to try and get your site listed higher then they will penalise you, and very harshly too, so if you do pay for "blackhat" links it may seem very appealing to get 1000 links for $10 then you could be PAYING for your site to be penalised. I have stayed well away from all "blackhat" tecniques and it has not just saved me money it has been really good for my site. All the tecniques I will talk about are "white hat". When you have finally made your website and want it visible to the world then you need it listed on the main search engines, Google is the biggest it is a very simple process and there is plenty of free software about that will submit your site to the top 20 engines for free, there are services that will charge you to list your site with all the search engines and in some cases charge you $40, this is a waste of money, your site does not need to be submitted to all search engines seeing as 97% of all internet traffic comes through the top 20 engines with %90 coming from google and yahoo.

When explaining the different tecniques I will not use jargon that you won't understand, if I had known now what I'm about to tell you when I built my site the time and headach it would of saved me, I could not find many blogs or forums that explained things in plain english, this is exactly what I want to do for you in this blog. If you have any questions please contact me at, I know how frustrating it can be.