Friday, 2 April 2010

Seo for beginners

Hi guys, firstly I will explain what this blog is about, it is a real beginners guide for people who have just started to build a website/or thinking about it, I will go through the whole process of getting your site listed on the major search engines such as google and yahoo to creating one way backlinks from directory submission to replying to blogs and social bookmarking with software that will help you achieve these things and no matter what people might tell you can all be done for free and it is quite easy with the right advice.

Now a bit about me, I was in your position a few months ago but after hours and hours of research have got my site to a good position without spending any money, my site comes up on the first page of a google search on a many of its keywords which is what you want, say your site is about golf and some one types "how to improve my golf swing" in the google search and your site comes up on the first or second page of the search results. My site was around 25 million on the alexa ranking six weeks ago and since I have applied the tecniques that I am going to talk about and explain in this blog I am now ranked just over 4 million and getting higher every day. You will have seen plenty of these companys that offer 1000 backlinks for $10, the thing about these sort of links is they are known as "blackhat" which is what search engines don't like, the search engines much prefer "whitehat" or organic links, links that have been created "naturally", if google find out you are using "blackhat" tecniques to try and get your site listed higher then they will penalise you, and very harshly too, so if you do pay for "blackhat" links it may seem very appealing to get 1000 links for $10 then you could be PAYING for your site to be penalised. I have stayed well away from all "blackhat" tecniques and it has not just saved me money it has been really good for my site. All the tecniques I will talk about are "white hat". When you have finally made your website and want it visible to the world then you need it listed on the main search engines, Google is the biggest it is a very simple process and there is plenty of free software about that will submit your site to the top 20 engines for free, there are services that will charge you to list your site with all the search engines and in some cases charge you $40, this is a waste of money, your site does not need to be submitted to all search engines seeing as 97% of all internet traffic comes through the top 20 engines with %90 coming from google and yahoo.

When explaining the different tecniques I will not use jargon that you won't understand, if I had known now what I'm about to tell you when I built my site the time and headach it would of saved me, I could not find many blogs or forums that explained things in plain english, this is exactly what I want to do for you in this blog. If you have any questions please contact me at, I know how frustrating it can be.

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