Saturday, 3 April 2010


This is probably the easiest way to create a one-way backlink. Free directory submission is really good, there are a few rules you need to adhere to for your website/blog to be submitted, they are pretty much straight forward common sense kind of rules, in most cases you won't have to worry about the submission rules but worth a quick read, they will be pretty much the same for each directory. On some directory's you can "deep link" your site, which means you can list individual pages of your website, which does have it's advantages. Some of the directorys will ask you to confirm your listing in a email, normally about 1 in ecvery 3 you list. There are options in the directorys for you to buy a link in the directory but you are better off choosing the free option. Below I am leaving you a link to a big list of free directorys, about 1000 in all well in theory this should produce you 1000 good one way backlinks but you will probably end up with 900/950 which is ok. You can check your progress with the link popularity web tool avaiable to download at the bottom of the previous post. It will take you a while to do this but you can just get through them say 10 a day and it's worth it in the end. These are good one-way backlinks that you will have for ever. If you have and questions related to this post please ask away by leaving a comment and I will get straight back to you.

When you start to apply more than say three of these methods daily you will notice that it is quite time consuming. When I first started to build my site I had a brand new domain name and wanted to get as many backlinks as quick as possible. If you want to achive this then I suggest rather than manually submiting to the directorys yourself why not pay someone else to do it, it is quite cheap to get done costing no more than 0.14$ per submission. What I did was pay someone to submit my site to 500 directorys, after a day or so I really started to see my link popularity grow, spending this few dollars really gave my backlink campaign a real boost. You do not have to pay for the directory submission, you could just work your way down the list that I have provided a link for at the bottom, however paying a company to do the submissions for you will give you free time to apply different backlinking stratergies. Nearly all SEO companys provide a directory submission service, you will find links to some good SEO companys on this blog in the form of adverts.

List off FREE directorys

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