Saturday, 3 April 2010

Blog Commenting to make links

This is another really good way of creating good natural one way links. It can be very time consuming and tedious unless you have software to help you and I will leave the link for a really good tool called commenthut it is a great piece off kit. When I first started to apply this method of backlinking I was doing about 20 per day, I soon started to use other methods and now use this method once a day, on average commenting on around 3 blogs per day, you can even check the page rank of the blog you are commenting on with commenthut. Variety is the key when backlinking your site, I am going to list around 10 different methods and I try to use eight of them daily once per day, I have struck a balance the search engines seem to like and my standings are increasing daily.

Using comment hut is simple. The aim is to get the blog you are commenting on to link to your site by way of a backlink. When you sign up for your Free copy of commenthut sign up for the news letter and you will be given a 7 step lesson on using comment hut creating links to high page rank blogs related to your site that will increase your presence on the web and also your web traffic. the lessons come one per day spread over seven days and they are great lessons including creating a backlink to a blog and deep linking strategies and Paul Forcey explains it very well and clearly.


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