Friday, 2 April 2010

Starting off

When I first started off I had a few problems to start off with but I eventually ended up paying $39 for a service that would list my site with over 300 search engines, so I thought it was really good and even though I had heard of so many cases where people had their site stuck in something called the Google "sandbox" where your site can sometimes end up in for months befroe it will get listed by google, I'm not too sure about other websites but google is the main one, but I was very pleades to find out that a week after submitting my site I was listed in the google search engine, I was quite pleased about this, especially after hearing so many bad stories about people having to wait six months stuck in the Google Sandbox. I thought that maybe because I paid for the submission service was the reason that I did not get stuck in the dreaded Google Sandbox, but a couple of weeks ago I submitted my other website to a free engine submission service and found again about a week later my site was listed on Google and this site I did not really do much work on, so again i'm pleased to be able to get one site after another to get nearly instantly submitted to the google search engine and the second time for free. I can't remember the names of the companys but I will find them out if you want to know leave a message on this blog. Any way before you try any of the tecniques I will explain then you will want a tool so you can keep track of the number of growing links too your site. It is a really good bit of freeware. You just download it a shortcut icon will show on your desktop, just click on it click add url put in your site name then just watch it count all the links incoming to your site the link follows

link popularity tool

Just go to the page click on down load, its simple. it is a really accurate tool and a really good indicator to how much web presents your site has. Get this tool down loaded check to see how many incoming links you have at the moment then apply these steps below and watch your popularity grow with organic natural search engine friendly links.

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